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hsdio missing hardware triggers from PFI0?

I'm using (or rather trying, for now) to utilise the HSDIO card for acquisition like follows:



Scripted generation according to scheme:

 (l1, wrtcfg1, wrtlat are 1000clock long waveforms)


script myscript

generate l1

repeat 10

generate wrtlat marker0(0)

generate wrtcfg1 marker0(0)

end repeat

end script  


Marker0 is exported (properly) to PFI0. Same line is configured to run the data acquisition (multiple records,

 both Start and Advance Trig point to same PFI0 signal).


For test purposes I'm doing that with SMA2164, where 

channel 6 (wvfm sent to DUT) is wired directly back to ch4 (wvfm received from DUT) to get rid of possible DUT influence. 


What worries me is that I seem to catch _half_ of the signals I generate, instead of all.

The attached vi has two independent test loops, the timed generation one (every second, do the script above),

which means generating 2xrepetitions (20 in the example above) trigger pulses on PFI0 (scope proves this assumption being right).


However, the second loop  - acquisition part (acq 20 records each iteration of the loop, timeout 10s) which should in principle run once per each

generation loop iteration runs only every second time.


I would be grateful for pointing my errors.



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