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how to write an analog clock program

I already have some of it written, however i need some additional help with it. This program isnt that important since i just wanted to see if it could be done.
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Hi Mburney,
Your program should be as the attachment(minutes divide 5).
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Thank you for your help. This works much better than the first one i tried to do. I have dl'ed the modified clock and altered it one more time to include the seconds and also a string display. This works verry good and will prove to be a good time keeper. 🐵

Thanks again
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Sorry, but I wasn't able to understand how did you build this project. How did you make hands on knob? How did you change a knob so much. Can anybody explain?
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Hi Tva !

There is little chance that you could get help from people taht disappeared from the LV forum in 2002 !

Modifying a control/indicator is not that difficult : Here, a simple gauge control was used. A right click on the control gives access to some possible modifications, such as adding a needle, or changing the scale display (add minor scale ticks). Then you can rotate the scale position : just fly the mouse pointer over the scale and you will see that it changes for a circular arrow. Click and you will be able to move the scale.
Deeper modifications can be achieved by editing the control : select, then go to menu Edit>Customize control...
refer to the LV help to get more infos.

Chilly Charly    (aka CC)

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Here's another version I wrote a while back (7.0).
I chose not to add needles because they all look the same, so I made the background of 2 controls transparent and made them the M and S hands.

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