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how to get video only from inside the rectangle?

hi i have a pattern matching vi. it is abel to recognize the pattern from the path file. in the located image there is a rectangle which indicates that it is the part which has matched the pattern. i would like to be able to crop the video inside the rectangle.


hope you can help me. thanks 


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this is the subvi for the 3gpv4

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Hi ceciliap004,


I would take a look at the Pattern example found in the example finder which uses the IMAQ Extract VI to create a new IMAQ image based off a region of interest. Looking ahead at future problems it looks like you are going to have an issue with rotation. We have a VI called IMAQ rotate that could work for you but it will be more difficult to use. You may want to introduce a masking stage (IMAQ roitomask 2) to cut out all parts of the image except the area you care about before you rotate. Additionally, while extract and mask will be less processor intensive, rotation is pixel manipulation and will take more power to complete.


I hope this helps.



Michael Bilyk

Applications Engineer

National Instruments 

Michael Bilyk
Former NI Software Engineer (IT)
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