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how to dynamically change the Frame running order in one Stacked Sequence ?

In my stacked sequence, there are 10 frame (0,1,2,.....9),which means ten test items.My target is that If any frame beginning from Frame 1 has a Fail test result ,then the sequence will automatically return to Frame 0 to re-start the whole the test process. How to do that ? Thanks so much for your help !
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   I think that stacked sequence is not the best way to implement your VI, maybe you can turn to a state diagram scheme, there're many possible implementations in LV, and there's also a state diagram toolkit (but I implement state diagram withoiut using it....).

   Have a nice day!

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You cannot alter a Sequence, thats what it implies. Smiley Happy

Maybe you should restructure your aplication to be based on a state machine architecture, as told by Graziano.

You can go for an event-driven state-machine architecture.

- Partha ( CLD until Oct 2024 🙂 )
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Here is a simple form of a state machine that runs from state 0 up to state 10 (similar to frame 0 to frame 10).  If a test fails, the selector will set the state back to 0 and the cases (frames) will start all over again.

Ooops, you can move the selector and increment to after the case structure so that you don't have to create it for each case.  Just wire the test result from each case to the right edge and then to the selector after the case structure.

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