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how to bind a shared variable to a 2 dimensional indicator

I'm writing to a shared variable in a dynamically called VI.  My main task has an independent timed loop to read the shared variable, convert the one dimensional data to two dimensions and write the resulting array to an indicator on the main task front panel. My array of data looks a lot more pleasing to the eye when displayed as a two dimensional array rather than one dimension (all the data can be seen at one glance).

Coding is simplified when binding the indicator directly to a network published shared variable. This means I could get rid of the while loop in my main task, however I'm not confident you can bind to two dimensional arrays. A custom control can only be used with single process shared variables which don't support data binding.

Do I resign myself to keeping my current implementation?

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Hey Bill,
    A 2-dimensional array is not one of the native data types for shared variables, but you should be able to use a custom control with a network-published shared variable just fine.  The only limitations for custom controls is the ability to use it with RT FIFO enabled on a network-published shared variable.  Here's a great Developer's Zone article about the shared variable.  Please let us know if you still have trouble. 
Brian B
Account Manager
National Instruments
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Thanks, you are right. Somehow I got the idea that network published shared variables with custom controls wasn't supported. This will definitely save me some coding.

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