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how can we call the vi on client in running condition from server

i have call the vi front pannel on client from server.its not in running condition.i want that when i call vi front pannal on client from server (through remote client connections) it should be in running condition.please make a help in this regard.i have try through option that when vi open it would in running condition but that work for local pc but not for remote pannel.
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Could not quite undersand your query

culd you plz rephrase and tell what exactly is the problem??

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It sounds like you are trying to use VI server to programmatically run a VI over the network.  Although I am not sure exactly where you are getting stuck, you should definitely make sure you have configured your server side permissions by seeing Tools -> Options... in LabVIEW, and configuring the VI Server Configuration, TCP/IP Access, and Exported VIs sections.  In particular, you'll want to enable TCP/IP in the Configuration page (along with a port number), then allow access to the set of IP addresses you want to allow access to your VI in the TCP/IP Access page, and finally make sure to allow access to your VI by adding in the Exported VIs page.
I hope this helps!
Best Regards,
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i have call the front pannel on client from server  through connect to remote pannel dialogue box.FP is called succesfully but now my problem is this that i want that when i call the fron pannel  on client it should be call in such a way that it is in executable form(in running condition).i have try different option but can not do it please guide me that how can i call vi front pannel on client while it is in running condition.THX

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A VI on the server should always be running. You can go to VI Properties>Execution and check the Run When Opened box. You should also make it impossible for a client to stop the VI or close it.
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