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how can i interface between Instrument and Ring indicator.

I'm new to labview and I have used DAQ to interface the instrument....The instrument is pHM 84.I got the pH value. But i also should get the volume and rate of volume being discharged from the ABU 80 autoburette instrument which is connected to pHM 84.I used the ring indicator to set the volumes from 0.5 ml/min to 16 ml/min. But when i click start button that should read the rate and Autoburette should start running and discharge the selected rate. How should i interface between the start button and the rate in the ABU 80 instrument.
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What i said above is ring indicator but i'm not using ring indicator.I'm using numerical control. Can anyone help me out with this interfacing
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Hello Kranthi,


Thank you for posting to the NI Discussion Forms.  What exactly are you having problems with?  Are you able to communicate with your instrument?  Are you able to exchange data with the instrument?  It sounds like you are you having problems using the Instrument Driver.  Who wrote the instrument driver for that instrument?  It should come with an example, and lots of documentation.  I don’t know the exact way you should call the driver, but if it was a well written driver, the answer should be available in the documentation.  If you are having problems with your LabVIEW program (aside from the instrument driver VIs), could you be more specific on what your program does, what it is supposed to do, and what it is that is not working?


We’d like to help!  Please let us know if you can further clarify your problem.

Travis M
National Instruments
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Hi Travis,
    i got my program working.Thanks a lot for considering my problem....
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