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how can I disable the internet ( DNS server ) contact for an executable generated in LV?

I write and sell stand alone LV generated executables to people for Optical design purposes.  We recentely upgraded to version 8.2 from LV6.1 and love many of the new features, but now my firewall notifies me when I fire up a stand alone.  I do not want to field calls from customers about whether or not my program is a form of spyware.....

How do I disable this DNS server connection attempt?

I see an old thread for this, but no resolution.

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Hi Char,

LabVIEW executables will try to access the firewall if you have Web Server enabled on the development
VI. You can either recreate the executable and make sure that Web Server is disabled this time, or
you can delete the "ini" file of the executable and run the application again.

Let me know if this doesn't solve it but I believe it will. Thanks!


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Thanks for your help Stephanie,

Well I know that deleting the ini file will not work.  The program still tries to connect and whether or not there is an ini, and creates an empty one on close if there is not.

I'll try your other suggestion and get back to you. I am hopeful, but not optimistic...

Thanks for your suggestions
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OK, we need more detail on what you application does. Do you e.g. use any networking functions?
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Nope, no network functions.

I have been selling the software for years, previously compiled in LV Version 6.1  > I have only seen the firewall issue post LV 8.0

Here is a link if you are interested:

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OK, I checked
Web server is disabled on the development vi.  Still the executable trys to access the web.......
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A DNS lookup does not mean much. Do you know if it generates any real traffic afterwards, e.g. contacting the server it just tried to resolve? What server? What port?
Does the DNS query also happen if you run the code in the development system?
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Here is a screenshot of the DNS attempt.

No, the program does not attempt to contact the web when not compiled.

I can't beleive I am the only one to be concerned about this.........

Thanks for your input,
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Does this happen with any (even a very simple) executable or only this particular one? I'm curious if it is any executable or a specific VI or VIs that are doing this.
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This seems to happen with all compiled VI's.  If you take a VI that adds two numbers and compile it, I claim that this DNS event will happen
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