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Can I transfer my home license from my old pc to a new one?

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Sure. Just deactivate the old one first.
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Thanks, but I'm a bit skeptical of doing this. Has anyone tried doing this with sucess?

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I have done it at home once and perhaps a dozen times at work. Never had any problems at all.



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Yes. Why the skepticism? All that you have to do is try it yourself.
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I'll try it tonight and post back my results.



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@Dennis_Knutson wrote:
Yes. Why the skepticism? All that you have to do is try it yourself.

I think the poster might be aprehensive about deactivating a license, not knowing if they will be able to use it again.  Some guy on the internet said all I have to do is relinquish my rights to use the software I payed good money for and it will work.  I'd be a little cautious too.  That being said there's no worry in doing this.  But on the off chance something does go wrong call up NI and they'll fix it, their support is fantastic.

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Thanks Hooovahh, that's pretty much what I am thinking.

I do have a stupid question though. How do I disable the current one then re enable it for the new? I'm using LV2011

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It's done with the NI License Manager program. It will be listed under National Instruments programs from your start menu.
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No good. Only option I have is to uninstall license file. Which I did and installed on the new computer. Does not work.


One thing I failed to mention is that the license file was origionally created from a volume license server activated for the specific computer that I need to replace. Not sure this should matter. I am the one using it on one computer.



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