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hep! ppl migration advice



So I have come across dependency hell with ppl's. Usually Labview is atrocious with this, but I'll see what I can get!


I'll try and keep it simple. LibC.lvlib has a dependency on LibB.ppl which has a dependency on LibA.ppl. I would like to create LibC.ppl to contain both libA.lvlib and libB.lvlib.


This might be a good idea since I am trying to make LibB something like a virtual class (that is, it serves no purpose currently than to specify an interface for LibC. I assume that if I do not include it in the ppl, then only what is needed is taken as a dependency and therefore reduce class loading). In my project I have classes that are derived from those in both LibA and LibC.


What I would like to do is find a process to relink VI's such that

- is replaced with AND

- can be replaced with


Either way, what I'm really looking for is a good way to do a find and replace by pointing everything from one library to another library. Ways that don't seem to work:

- Deleting original ppl and trying to add new ppl

- Using the vi based find and replace when find is a missing VI question mark, as that does not seem to actually replace it. This is really what I should be able to do, and use the replace all button, but it is not working for me...



One way that works for the first case, since LibC is still only an .lvlib:

- Turn LibC into a ppl, and then replace it with the ppl that also contains LibA


One way that is sheer hell:

Using find dependencies and then manually replacing each instance of each item.


In my dreams:

moving a tree in the class dependency viewer from one branch to another


Any knowledge of tools to help would be greatly appreciated!




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