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has anyone used CORBA with LabVIEW?

Has anyone used CORBA with LabVIEW?
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Unfortunately, I can't say that I have ever tried to do this. However, I did a little searching on the web and it looks like you have to have some mapping to an OMG IDL.(

It looks like they don't provide one for LabVIEW but they do for some other programming languages. You could certainly still use LabVIEW as your primary language and write a little c code for the CORBA interface and then turn the c code into a dll. You could then call this dll from LabVIEW using the Call Library Function.

There are also some other posts on this exchange about CORBA so make sure to check them out.
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Did you have any success with this?  I'm about to attempt the same thing and would rather not write intermediate functions in other other languages to do so...

Nate Moehring

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