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graphicalise UI

Hi guys

I am building a UI in Labview for the product developement.

I would like to have some tips regarding making the UI look as it should really look in the product.

For example the push buttons that i use should have some predetermined graphics.


Or it would be enough if I could make the push buttons transparent so that i could superimpose them

on the panel created in photoshop. For example, i would keep the pushbotton on the key shown in panel and make it transparent so that

actually the buttons are not seen when the UI is executed and looks perfectly as designed.


THanks in advance for your help

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If you want a specific look to your buttons the best way is to create a new Custom control. In that one you can place a e.g. Boolean button and replace the images used for indicating the states. The pictures used can be done in any graphics program.



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This may not be the answer you are looking for, but you could try reading this book:  LabVIEW GUI Essentials.


I definitely wouldn't create transparent buttons in the UI, because you will provide no feedback to the user when they click on them (the button won't look "depressed").  I reccomend customizing the button images as described here:
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