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generate monthly report in lab view

I want to generate monthly report for my application.
In my application i m generating batchwise reports. Now i want report of all batches completed in one month.

VC (Pune)
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Easy. Read in all files created in a month and generate your report.:)

Now, if you want some specifics, you'll need to provide some details. What is the format of the reports? Text? Excel? Do you you need help finding files with a certain time stamp or file name? What exactly are you having a problem with?
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The format of the reports is .doc with file name in date and time stamp. (e.g. May 18 2005_ 10.00 am.
Now i want to create a single report which shows me all details of all batches in 1 month.

VC (Pune)
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Well, it would be nice if you actually asked a question. Like "How do I search a folder for all files" or "How do I open .doc files". So, let's start with the basics. Attached is a simple VI that will find all files with a certain date in the name. Once you've done that, you can open them one by one, extract the data you need and create a new report. If you need more help, please ask an actual question. Simpley restating your goal doesn't help much.
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Thanks for the help. But i need it in more detail. I will tell you my actual question.

In my application i m generating Breakdown analysis report for each batch. It is a pure text report (No graph) where i just have to mention
1. Break down code
2. Cause
3. Time.
Just these three things i want to appent for each batch report.

Now, i want to generate a monthly report where i can find out in a months how many times a break down occured and by which reason.
The all 3 (Break down code, Cause, Time) are ready with me. I m generating batchwise report also. (Batch report will be named with Day/Date/Time format).

I just want to make a single report for a month.

Plz give me the solution.

VC (Pune)

Note: Just find the attchment where you can have idea of file name.
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Hello Kaustubh,

I am not clear exactly where the data for this monthly reported will be stored. Do you have a program that will be running gathering data for a month, or do you want to create a program that will reach each of the reports generated by the VI posted in your last message?

If you can post with more information about what you have tried so far, and what problems or errors you have encountered we will be able to give you more specific help with your application.

Scott Y
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When you say "Plz give me the solution", it sounds like you want someone to to write the whole VI for you. That's not the purpose of this forum.

I can tell you that your file is not plain text or a .doc as you said. You are generating an html document. As such your column information is surrounded with html tags. You will have to read in the file and then do a search for the tags to find the text in column 1, column 2, etc. LabVIEW comes with some XML parsing functions that you might want to look at for an idea on how to procede.
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Hello Respected Dennis Knutson

When i say "Plz give me the solution", it means some lab view experts ( May be including you) neglate queries by new commers or some simple/sily queries. I dont have any intension to get freely developed code from anyone. I know the exact purpose of Discussion forum.

After this you may not reply my questions anymore, but i tell one thing always appriciate and encourage new commers or difficulties.

Thanks for your good suggestions.

VC (Pune)
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I'll be glad to answer any questions you have. The problem that I had was that I felt your statement "Plz give me the solution" was too broad. There is no one specific solution in reading files from disk. If the files were .doc as you originally said, or pure text as you later said, they would require two entireley different ways to read and parse the files. If you get stuck with any aspect of your project, please post again with the details of what the exact problem is and what you've tried.
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