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front panel attributes

Is there anyway to get an attribute node for the background color of the front
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If I'm not wrong, there's no way of changing background
color programatically, you can use a little trick, put a
large flat boolean covering all the background and change
its color using an attribute node.
Hope this helps

Gorka Larrea

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(3,247 Views) (russ) wrote in <>:

>Is there anyway to get an attribute node for the background color of the
>front panel?

No. You can use either a boolean button and set it's colours, or a colour
box as an indicator an wire the colour to it directly.

This is a FAQ answered in The LabVIEW FAQ accessed from the link at:


Alexander C. Le Dain, PhD
ICON Technologies Pty Ltd
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Open a VI reference and then create a front panel property node. Next create another property node from the front panel property node, (Create>> Property>> Color). Wire the output from the front panel property node into the Color property node and connnect a color pallette to the input color.

When you feed a path into the Open VI Reference the front panel color will change according to the color pallette selection.
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Attached example program
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