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frequency measurement?

i want to measure frequency of a voltage signal having 6V rms. I have a cFP-AI-100 and the frequency to be measured is in the range of 50Hz. I used the Buneman Frequency Estimator and got different values of 'beta'[ The out put of Buneman estimator]. How can i get the frequency of the signal from 'beta'?
i am here attaching the vi i had tried..
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Hi sumi,

It doesn't sound like you have a good understanding of how the Buneman Frequency Estimator works. Have you seen these two KnowledgeBase documents?

How Does the Buneman Frequency Estimator VI Work?
Common Questions about the Buneman Frequency

As mentioned above, "In order to obtain the actual frequency, you need to divide the value of beta (returned by the Buneman Frequency by the time duration of the actual signal acquisition."


| Michael K | Project Manager | LabVIEW R&D | National Instruments |

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