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force file path control to actually left justify path text

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I often find that the file paths displayed in file path controls are too long and become truncated. Problem is that the right side of the path gets truncated-  one can no longer tell what file has been selected.



I'd much prefer to left justify the path so that the left side of the path gets truncated and the file name is visible.



I bet there's no reasonable way to do this. Please prove me wrong.


Thanks in advance,


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global variables make robots angry

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Sorry, can't prove you wrong.  I did try to do it as strings instead of paths, but that didn't help.


-Matt Bradley

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Perhaps I should amend my request to allow for unreasonable solutions as well.


"I have yet to see any problem, however complicated, which, when you looked at it in the right way, did not become still more complicated. " - Poul Anderson (1926 - 2001)





global variables make robots angry

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Accepted by topic author Root_Canal

I just played around with the property "Text.ScrollPos". Just wire a high enough number to it and it will give you just what you want.


have fun


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Thanks Guenther! I notice on my machine that I have to set the key focus property to true as well to get it to work. I also noticed something comically silly in the help file for the "text.scrollpos" property- it says that I can wire a negative numeric value to the property in order to make the scroll box automatically scroll to the last "line" of text. But the input is represented as a U32 integer, which can't hold a negative value.Oh well, we can just use the value 4294967295 instead.


Thanks again Guenther. You've won the grand prize: A shiny, newly minted kudos!



global variables make robots angry

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