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face recognition using labview

guys does any one have simple recognition code.i don't know how to implement it .

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Judging from the content of your question, you'd be better served contracting with an NI Alliance Partner.

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Based on the information provided, you are starting from scratch.

You will need vision toolkit or if you are a king in C++, you can do a bridge between OpenCV and LabVIEW.

Please give more information on what you are trying to do.

It's like: hey!!!... I have a spaceship project, but no code for it. Is someone ever coded a spaceship software?



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I have just released a couple of VIs for face detection and face recognition on VI package manager. The algorithms are based on convolutional neural networks. For face recognition the VI computes feature vectors for known faces and stores them in a file. For an unknown face the algorithm also computes a feature vector and computes a distance metric to the previously stored vectors. It will output the 5 best matches.

The VIs can be found on VIP by searching for 4SmartMachines.

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