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error code 107439615

My LabView for Infinity gives the error code  107 4396157 when we attempt to run "3.1.1 image quatnization-grey scale" from the Project Infinity system.   The error code suggest that NI Vision is not registered.  However, the student registered everything in January and has not had a problem until today.



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Do you get a nag / message after using the vision software for a certain period of time? 


If I recall properly, the Vision module is registered seperately from LabVIEW itself.  Of course, that may have changed since I have not used vision since LV8.2 / LV7.1.



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With LabVIEW for Infinity, three different software components have to be activated separately (but with the same serial number): LabVIEW, NI Vision, and the DSP Module.  Does the NI License Manager say that Vision is activated?  (The License Manager can be found under Start>>Programs>>National Instruments Software, and if Vision is activated it will have a green square next to it.)  If it is activated, but you are still seeing this error message, I would recommend reinstalling the software and then reactivating it. 

Let me know if this solves the problem.  Thanks,



Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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