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edit text file with notepad while LabVIEW runing


when I read a text file with Labview.after that  I edit the text file with notepad while Labview runing.
then use Labview read the same text file again for updating the result but it don't work!!!
I have to stop labview and run Labview again for updating the result.

Can anyone please tell me how to do this? Thanks in advance

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You must have an error in your code.  Why don't you post it and we will have a look?

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You must stop your VI before you make the changes to the text file the VI is looking to call.  Try stopping the VI which is calling the text file, and then save the file.  Then run the VI again and it should work properly.  Hope this helps!


-Cody C

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Rather than stopping/re-starting LV all the time, wouldn't it just be easier to write a couple VIs to do the editing directly rather than using Notepad?  I have some VIs (LV7.1) that change text files on the fly and the update hasn't failed yet (rather slow for long files, but all the same...)




Michael Tracy

Synergy Microwave


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You don't have to start and stop LabVIEW, you just need to stop the VI, save the file, and then hit the run button on the VI. Also, if you have some VI's to do editing directly for you rather than using Notepad that would definitely be your best option.  You could actually use those as SubVI's within the main program to perform editing to the file and then pass that into your program.  Hope this helps!


- Cody C

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