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dynamically launch selected VI on cFP target

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I am running LabVIEW 2011SP1 on a Win7 machine. My applicatoin uses cFP to monitor temperatures, and control 6 heaters (PID feedback) during heating and soak segments of a profile. Cooling segments are passive, no control aspects, I need only monitor temperatures until some setpoint is reached, then another segment of heating and soaking. I have the heating segment coded, passing setpoints via networked shared variables to the cFP controller (cFP2200). My thinking is to write a second VI to monitor thte passive cooling phases, but then I need to be able to toggle back and forth between two VIs on the target. Is this the correct approach (and if so how do I do it)? Or would it be better to make one huge VI to handle both scenarios?





Lawrence M. David Jr.
Certified LabVIEW Architect
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Do you have to toggle between them or would you be able to run them in parallel with each other? 


Based on what you described, I would suggest writing a main VI to control the VI you've already written along with the new passive monitoring VI as subVI's. 


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Thanks, got a similar suggestion from someone and wrote a shell that uses a state machine for monitor / control. Thanks for the response
Lawrence M. David Jr.
Certified LabVIEW Architect
cell: 516.819.9711
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