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digital pulse on DO line

Hi, to output a digital pulse on one of the digital output lines instead of the counter, do i just select the particular line instead of the counter for the device?

And if i'm only generating one pulse, and idle state is low, then does it matter what i choose as my low time?

Finally, using the Digital output DAQmx, when I write high to a line, will that line stay high until the remainder of the program (or until i write it low)?

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What type of DIO are you using? If using a standard DIO-96, you can use the Write to Digital Line function from the standard DIO functions. They are easier to use than DAQmx in this case. Just wire in the device number, channel number, line number, and True to output a high or False to output a low. Once a high is written to the line, it stays high until you write a low. The timing is up to you. You can write a high, wait some time, then write a low.
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