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digital output 5V and current?

I have a NI 6025E DAQ card. It's digital TTL output signal is 5V. How much current does the output have?
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You can get the spec here.

According to that,

Port 0 High level Iout = 24mA, Low level Iout = -13mA

Port 1 to 3 High level Iout = 2.5mA, Low level Iout = -2.5mA

Hope that helps.

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Anyone knows how much current does pin 41 (1-source) of the 6025E card output? I hope it is at least 20 mA as I want to drive a TIP41 transistor.
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I am using a TTL signal to swtich on/Off a TIP41 transistor. Would the TTL signal from PIN-41 (1-source) be enough?
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I think the sourcing current is 13mA. It would be a good idea to use a buffer and drive your transistor. Also, consider using a circuit protection for current overlimit to protect your DAQ.

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Thanks, I am looking at 6025E manual to confirm that it is 13mA but I cannot find the relevant page. Can you guide? Anyway pin 41 (1-source) is a TTL signnal. Should not a TTL signal be 2.5mA?
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The counters are TTL signals, so it should be 16mA high.  Take a look at the following KB

-Jeff P

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hi there i found this document : see Page 2 for PFI 3/CTR1 SOURCE It says 3.5 mA only. Is there a contradiction?
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Good catch LabVIEW.  I looked into this deeper, because I was befuddled also.  However, what I failed to realize is that family of cards is TTL IN, but CMOS OUT.  Therefore, the specification is right that 3.5 mA.  The KB I linked is right for TTL lines, but inaccurate for the output functionalities of this board.

Sorry for the confusion! Smiley Sad

3.5 mA is correct!

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