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designing digital filter for analog output

Hi all,
Iam working on pci-6723 NIDAQMX 7.3 LABVIEW 7.1 ENVIRONMENT.I have designed 16 channel data acquisition order to supress glitches in the analog output signal ,which filter i have to adopt to the analog output generation. since i dont want to design hardware low pass filter , if i adopted digital filter will it improve the output signal performance ,kindly suggest me.with some example.

labview boy
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If you are talking about a software digital filter with the program that is producing the analog output, that will have no affect on an analog output signal. The glitching comes from the digital to analog converter (DAC). Check out this knowledge base article:
Really, your only solution is hardware.
If you are acquiring this signal on another data acquisition system and you want to remove the glitches from what you are seeing, you could use software filtering there.
-Alan A.
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