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design virtual oscilloscope by using lab view

how to design virtual oscilloscope by using labview?
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Read all the posts through this search and post in specific of what exact help you needed?



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how if I want to display 2 signal in labview, as example if choose 'a' will produce signal a, if choose 'b' will produce signal b, if choose 'c' will produce both signal.
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You can easily do this using event structures. Post over here what you have done and we can help you further.
Adnan Zafar
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Coleman Technologies
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dayah wrote:
how to design virtual oscilloscope by using labview?

1: write down what you exactly want. You can probably make a mock up front panel as well. 

2: think about it: how will it work? is everything you want there?

3: code and debug, see if it works the way you intended at step 1 & 2

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I've design the virtual digital oscilloscope by using lanview and usb 6008 but there have some problem when the labview oscilloscope cannot measure the high frequency, that only the maximum frequency is 2kHz. Any idea or suggestion to make my labview oscilloscope exactly CS-5400 series?..



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I have no idea what a CS-5400 is but if you cannot get a sample rate higher than 2kHz, you should post your code so someone can see what it wrong.
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