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database output into menu ring


I'm doing a application where the input of a menu ring needs to be the output of a database query when the VI has already launched (real-time).

my database for now, just has two fields: id and transducer name. i have no trouble getting those values from the db. my problem is that the menu ring input needs to be done using the property node (stringsandValues[]). I've tried to construct an array of 2D but i keep getting error of mismatched types.

I really don't know what else to try. I would like if somebody could make a small example in constructing the type of data that i need or point me to somewhere where that is explained.

thanks in advance,


PS: does anybody know how to convert a whole column of dynamic variant to data. In my program I'm converting each value at a time in a cycle.
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The input to "strings and values" is a 1D array where each array element is a cluster of a string and a U16 numeric.

Right-click on the property item and "create constant" or look at the context help for details. It should lead you in the right direction. Good luck! 🙂
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Just to clarify, the values are U16 by default, but of course you can change the representation if the ring. In this case the input should match the ring representation.

You only need the "Strings And Values" property if your values are arbitrary. If they are just 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, ... etc. you can write the "strings" property as 1D array of strings. It's simpler.

Anyway, to create the correct "String and Values" input, you could use something like the two alternatives in the attached image, the example at the bottom uses a 2D array of strings, transpose as needed.

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