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data logging hitechnic accelerometer



I am currently trying to get live data logging from my hitechnic accelerometer sensor connected to my lego NXT brick using labview 2009. I know how to do it with the lego touch sensor and microphone using the log red data block and data viewer NXT Application, but as there is no option to apply these functions to the accelerometer sensor like there is for the touch sensor and microphone, I dont know how to do it. Im aware that this has been taken care of in the later editions of labview, however i only have the 2009 edition available.


Essentially what I want to acheive is the same as what can be acheived with the microphone and touch sensor using the LogRedData block but more importantly the live record function within the data viewer NXT Application.


Many thanks



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Hi Tim,


If you've found the functionality available in later versions of LabVIEW, it may be worthwhile downloading a 30-day evaluation of LabVIEW 2011 so that you can see which subVIs have been used and perhaps make it easier to replicate the functionality with other VIs.


Your best bet may be to contact the Lego technical support or post on the Lego Mindstorms Message boards as they're likely to know more about the functionality of the Lego NXT brick and getting the most out of programming it.


Kind regards & best wishes,

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