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crossbow driver

Hey i am using a gateway MIB 520 and sensor MDA 100CB and as processor/radio board iris XM2110CA.I AM able to read good data from moteview but i wanted to receive those result on labview so I downloaded the driver from labview website and i tried the read data and display health,well the thing that i dont get result with MDA 100 and when i change to MTS300 N sensor N points i get result but every 2 minutes (it's too slow) and everytime i have a point i have an error msg 8001!! soo help me i need to monitor real time temperature and light signal and with these results i can't 

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I'd like to know more about this error, can you please post an screenshot of the message of your error so I can have a better idea of what could be happening.


Meantime, I found this post that might be usefull to double check the setup of your hardware and software.


"Here is the LabVIEW Driver which may contain the examples along with some other links you might find useful.


Crossbow XMesh WSN Sensor LabVIEW Plug and Play (project-style) Instrument Driver  


LabVIEW Drivers for Wireless Sensor Networks  


How to Install a Crossbow MIB520 Base Station 


 Patricia B. AE NI




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Miguel Fonseca 

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Well i checked all the link u post and none worked i will upload the screenshots for what's happening i am just gonna tell you that when i use MDA 100 n sensor 1 point i dont get this 8001 error but while i use MDA n sensors n points i get this error and my major problem is that i get a point every 2 minutes so this is the big problem i am suffering :S

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It looks like someone reported a similar problem here:


In this instance, the problem had to do with Xserve running in the background and tying up the same VCP that LabVIEW was trying to use to acquire data. Do you have Xserve running in the background from when you were using Moteview?

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Hey all,well i already checked all other posts,i solved the problem of 2 minutes delay for acquisition ( in the last for loop i just put 0 in N ) , i dont know why and how it worked but now i get signal every 2 to 4 sec,but my problem is like that i have 2 nodes and i want to acquire data 1 point every 2 sec while in this program i receive for exemple 5 point from node 1 then 2 point for node 2 how i can manage so i can get 1 point from each node every 2 seconds cause after it i want to draw the chart of the variation of temperature of each node  

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I'm not familiar with these drivers and their error codes/use cases, so I can't really help you with that. I am wondering how you are controlling the speed of your data acquisition. In the last screen shot you posted of your code, it looks like a finite acquisition since there is no loop to cause it to acquire data again a few seconds later. Do you have a loop in your current code or does that read VI automatically do a continuous acquisition (if so, what would stop it?)? I don't know if you can or not, but you might consider opening up the driver VIs to understand better how they function. 

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Is it possible to create a Network with 2 bases on Moteview ? I would like a cheep network and an expensive Network but read data on the same board...


Thank you for your answers,



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Please make a new forum post of this. So you can get better assitance.

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