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creating database!!!

I am developing test software for UUT. For that how can I read data base using LabVIEW for confirming username and password? How can I get all information of UUT if I type model number of UUT using LabVIEW?
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Step 1. Decide database program to use.
Step 2. Design database schema.
Step 3. Create database.
Step 4. Use Database Connectivity Toolkit (buy from NI) or use LabSQL to query database.

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Thanks for your reply.
Without using database does it possible to make a software using LabVIEW?
I want to print  a report after doing all test like operator name and product details.
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Yes you can do this easily. There is a shipping example that covers reports. You can use the standard VI report set or you can purchase the report generation toolkit from NI. Have a look at the example called sample test report VI.

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If you don't store the information into a database then you have to store it in a file. The file format is up to you. LabVIEW is just like any other programming language. It has file I/O functions that you use to read/write files.

I would suggest looking at some of the online information regarding LabVIEW. Take a look at the second post in this article for several links.

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