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convert tdms to binary

How to convert large size ( > 500 MB) TDMS files to .binary or ascii..

i found so many examples to do this using labview.. but my requirement is if there is no labview installed on my system then how can i convert and analyze the data from TDMS files..

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A tdms file is a binary format.


There is a free add-in for Excel.

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Make an executable and an installer out of the one that suits you! Then you can use it without LabVIEW, unless I'm missing something obvious!

Also run a defrag on your file it helps.

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Does excel addin works for large sized TDMS files. and does work without Labview?

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Why did you mark this question as the solution? Threads marked as solved don't get much attention and threads where you mark a response from you as the actual solution get even less attention. If solved, change the solution to the answer that helped the most. If unsolved, uncheck it as solved. Use the 'Options' link above the body.


Excel does not require LabVIEW.

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Sorry i dont know about that actually..I felt that as one of the solution for me so i accepted it.

I tried to open with excel importer but could not read the entire file,its throwing error(this file has more than 65536 rows do you want continue with the same index) while opening with the excel importer.

my TDMS file size is 670 MB

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You must be using a pretty old version of Excel. Later versions can have a max of a million rows. I don't know the configuration of your tdms data. How many channels? For analysis of very large files, you may have to read segment the tdms file or use another program - i.e. Diadem.

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okay thanks for your support. i will check the configuration of my TDMS file.. 8 channel data i stored in the file @ a sampling rate of 2000hz.


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Here is another solution for viewing TDMS files, available for free on the Tools Network:

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