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continous Gen / double Buffer

I am new in LabView and have to Comunicate with a controlmodul.I can transmit information to the controller by a type of PWM signal. First 180ms Hi then a 8 bits sample of 1 and 0. Whereby 75%-PWM means 1 and
50%-PWM means 0 (both signals 40ms long).So I "Countinius Gen" a 500ms Sampel.(That works)

My problem is: If a have to transmit a new signal sample, first the old signal must be completely executed and secound, without break, the new samples continous generat.

I use Labview 6.0 and a PCI-Mio 16E
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Sounds like you are wanting to perform buffered digital output. The PCI-MIO-16E can only perform unstrobed DIO (meaning it can only be controlled through software rather than regulated by a clock source).

So what you will need to do is use the DIO Port Write in a loop with your port pattern given one at a time.
Remember that the DIO operations for this board are not hardware-timed, so if this type of unstrobed output is not meeting your needs for your 8-bit port, consider using a board that supports pattern generation instead (6533 or 6534 boards).
Please read the LabVIEW Help documentation to check special notes about the iteration terminal for this vi.
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