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connecting vector nav to my rio

i'm trying to connect vector nav (vn-100) to my rio using labview . But when i run the code .It give's me an  error "error in  visa read front.png"

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Welcome to the LabVIEW Community and LabVIEW Forum.


Most of us are not familiar with the VectorNav VN-100, and don't have access to its User Manual.  It appears to be an Inertial Measurement Unit with 3-D Accelerometers and Gyroscopes, as well as 3D Magnetometers.  It also seems to communicate with the User using either an RS232 Ascii Stream or a binary data stream using the SPI Protocol.


Your title says you are connecting this device to a myRIO.  Have you connected it properly?  Have you tried to communicate with this Device using MAX to "talk to" the myRIO and see what comes back from the myRIO?


In order to write LabVIEW code to handle a device connected to a myRIO, you need to develop your Project using LabVIEW Real-Time, and will probably need to use the NI myRIO Software Toolkit, the most recent version being 2019 (which prettty much requires running  32-bit LabVIEW 2019 as the Development environment.


Please tell us more about your environment (LabVIEW version, how you are connected to the myRIO, what your exposure is to LabVIEW Real-Time development).  Please also attach a compressed version of the LabVIEW Project you are using to communicate with the VN-100 through the myRIO -- this will be a .ZIP file containing both the Host and Target sub-systems, as well as the .lvproj Project file.


Bob Schor

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Obviously it seems to be partially working, assuming there is received data in the "read buffer" indicator you show.


From your error code, you get "VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF003E) Could not perform operation because of I/O error.". Hard to tell what that means without knowing where the error was generated and what the code looks like in general.

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