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configure x axes waveform chart

how should I configure the x-axes of waveform chart as I wanted it to be eff vs Iout.
Currently the setting I manage to generated is eff+Ioutvs time(bundle the signal of eff n Iout).

another would be Eff vs Ioutbut this only possible if the signal indexed into array.

But my requirement is to view the signal immediately rather than at the end when the process finished.

below is my attempt to generate eff vs Iout.(Which of course unable.)

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plz use this link

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It's so much easier to just attach an image to your post by clicking on the browse button next to the attachment field below this message body.

It sounds like you should be using an XY Graph. The waveform chart will only plot a y value versus time. Use the Express XY Graph to plot as data is acquired or use the shipping example called XY Chart.

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