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checking to see if a folder exists

  I am trying to save a file to a directory and if the directory does not exist I want to create it.  I have attached an image of a simple vi.  My problem is that when I run the vi and the directory does not exist I get a pop-up error window #7 that says the file was not found.  If I press continue my vi will behave normally and create the directory and file.  The strange thing is, I did a search and found someone with this problem and there was an example file that someone created.  That file works fine, I do not get an error#7 pop-up window.  But when I try to create the same vi on my machine I get the Error #7 pop-up window.  I have LV version 8.0 and updated to 8.0.1 and I still have the same problem.
Thanks for any help. 
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Wire the error clusters and handle the errors programmatically. You can also turn off the automatic error handling (Options >> Block diagram...), but you need to make sure that you handle the errors or your program may behave in ways you do not expect.

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Thanks for the info.  But I still have the question of why the example I downloaded works fine but when I create the vi it gets an error.  Could there be a problem with my LabView installation?  I do not know what version the example was made in, but it works, so could it be a LV 8 problem?



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"Enable automatic error handling" can be set on a per-VI basis (File->VI Properties->Execution). It would seem that you have this enabled by default, but that it is disabled in the file you downloaded.
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That was it.  Thanks for the info.  I guess I have to get better at dealing with error handling.  I am still new at LV and have slacked off in dealing with error handling.  I looked in the examples section of LV and did not find any info on error handling.  Where would be a good place to start with error handling?
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I don't worry much about error handling myself. My understainding is that with automatic error handling turned on, the VI acts just like you wired a Simple Error Handler to the Error Out terminal of the New Directory function.

If you really want your VI to do something other than just pop-up with a message when it encounters an error, then I suppose you're just going to have to decide what errors you are likely to encounter and what you might want to do if such errors are encountered.

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This would be a better way to do what you're trying to do.  You want to check the error of the File/Directory Info VI for that error code 7 that you get.  This tells you that the file or folder doesn't exist, then you create it.  This way, you won't have to turn off error handling.  This is how I always check if a file exists.

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Thanks Mark, that should work out fine.
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