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checking imported excel data bounds

Hi all. First, let me say I'm fairly new to Labview and I'm still learning, so bear with me and be gentle. Second, I want to say what a great forum this is and thank everyone for being so helpful. I've learned a ton without ever posting anything! 

As for my question, I’ve written a subvi that uses another subvi I have downloaded to import data from excel and write the data it into an array (see attached files; I put it into a project to make it easier to run, I hope at least). I’ve formatted the excel spreadsheet to only allow certain values to be entered. I’d also like to add something to the Labview side to check the data to make sure the values entered are not too high or too low and return an error. For instance, our max temp set point should be 40°, so if someone messes with the spreadsheet and enters 50°, I want to stop loading the data from the spreadsheet and notify the user why. I’d like to do this for all of the data, if possible. 

What would be the easiest way to go about doing this?

 Also, I’m sure what I’ve done thus far could probably be done easier or better than how I’ve done it here. Feel free to point out how. 


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If you are already using conditional formatting to trap errors in the data entered in Excel why is it necessary to do so on the LabVIEW side?

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Just in case someone messes around with the excel formatting to try and force it to do something they want as opposed to what is permissible.


I know I've NEVER done anything like that.  🙂

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