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Hi, I have made a prog for data acquisition over ethernet and sending the same data over ethernet network to multiple  IP's Now i want to add a check box to my program so that i will be able to select the adresses(IP's) to whom i want to send my data.Pease help me out. I have attached my VI

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Accepted by topic author Nepla
Right click in front panel, go to System>>Boolean>>System Check box.
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Sir, My problem is how to use that check box, if u can guide with some example it will be very help ful

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Hi Nepla,

-Please see the image attached here.

-I've created one check box and when it is selected  i am displaying the message, else nothing.

-You can replicate the same for number of similar boolean controls.

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Your question is confusing because in your VI, you have no ip addresses and you are not doing any writes/sending at all.

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Sir Im attaching theVI again .There are 2 Check box selection for two Tx-IP1 and Tx-IP2 (Transmitting UDP ).These 2 Transmiiting UDP should forward thd the data (to selected adress) if i select them in the corresponding "check boxes".The two chech boxes are unwired in the block diagram(I need ur help to wire them).

Thanx in advance

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Why don't you simply place the UDP Write inside a case structure with the checkbox wired to the selector?

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Thanx a lot ....... Its done 

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-The code looks very complex and cluttered.
-LabVIEW works on dataflow model, in your case data flows in all directions (not good sign).
-Please redo the code so that it is readable.
-Coming to the problem, did you understand my previous code??
-One way is to have case structure(Or by using event structures) for Tx-IP1 and Tx-IP2 whose case selectors are connected from your checkbox output.
-If you don't understand dataflow model, then it is very difficult to help you to make connect these wires.
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Yeah i have done it .It was pretty simple (of course after ur suggestion of case statement).Regarding my labview code , Im only receiving data from two UDP (2 while loop) and retransmitting those data to two Tx_IPs and in berween Im displaying some data that is of importance to me . May be my block diagram looks cluttered since i have not cleaned up the block diagram.

One more question can i use a case structure within/inside a case structure

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