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cant insert subvi

I dont know what I did, but I can no longer insert a vi into a vi when I select "select a vi" from the functions palette (or any other way.)  When I do this the open vi window opens and I can select a vi to insert, but when I hit ok the current vi's window blinks twice and the vi i selected isnt inserted.  What did I do?

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Did you try another VI?


If the VI you are trying to insert is corrupted, that could explain the symptoms you described.



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I've tried other vi's.  I've tried making brand new, simple vi's. I've tried restarting the computer...

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Does LabVIEW ask you to investigate the error at startup? Or, did you turn that option off (it's in the "Debugging" section of the LabVIEW options). Did you get an error log (it should be in your "LabVIEW Data\lvfailurelog" in your personal Documents folder)? Have you tried to do a repair on the LabVIEW installation?

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Is the file write protected? (brainstorming)


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What version of LV are you using? What kind of license (Base, Full, Professionell)?

Does this also happen when placing VIs already available on the function palette like e.g. "Write to Spreadsheet" in the File IO palette?



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