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calling labview from custom built software


we have built a program in labview,that covers
requiremnt of the Client upto 85% and they have
a custom built software built in c++/vc++.

we have to deliver a labview executable
(exe), which he would call from his custom built
software, the problem is

1) in general if he calls the labview code,the control
is tranffered from his software to labview....incase any
user tries out a ALT+TAb key combination,the custom software
may be on trouble. how can i avoid this?

2)or is it better to create an active-x controls,
since the user needs to interact with the front panels
to pass the it good to use active-x

i am not familiar with active-x controls
if its feasible to acheive this with using active-x
can you guide me.

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There are a couple of different ways you can approach this. I am not sure which would be best so you might want to play around with them...

1. Use the LV ActiveX Server. This is an ActiveX object that you create in your C++ code and allows you to load up and run VIs, pass data back and forth, etc. The VIs are run in a seperate process from you.

2. Create a DLL instead of EXE from the LV VIs. This results in a C-style DLL that you can then call from C++ and obviously pass data back and forth. The VI's themselves are then run in the same process as the user's application.

BTW - I am not sure about what problem you mean about ALT-TAB...
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