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block diagram for yahoo webcam viewer by activex


i wants to know how to make block diagram for yahoo webcam viewer in actvex controls. or are we able to see live video or face to face communication by it by using a normal usb webcam. or there is any other method so that we can live or face to face interaction. 

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There are numerous message threads about USB webcams.  Try doing a search on the forums.
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sir , i wants to download ni imaq usb driver from ni website i tried it many times in these 5 days but it is telling me that webpage is temperorly down or removed from this space if there is any other link then please provide me as soon as possible. i have labview 8.6 full version there was mostly all the drivers present except ni imaq usb driver.
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 i m trying to download ni imaq driver from ni website but i don't know the reason that why i am unable to download it. please tell me any other place from where i can download it or how i can recieve it. or if it is required to change any setting or it is replaced from its place.

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You should find them here
Message Edited by elang on 05-27-2009 05:44 PM
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can u give ur email id? perheps some can try sending it to you.

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