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an error - 1967386622 -, Citadel

Hi, everyone!

While creating project, that involves DSC Module functions I stucked on problem. My project synchronizes databases through a network. It synchronizes tracers and A&E as well through network with static IP-adresses. There is an error ( -1967386622 -, Citadel: (Hex 0x8ABC1002) The specified item, such as computer, path, or folder, cannot be found.) uccured in Archive after disconnection. However, after reconnection I also got this error, nevertheless, even with that error at the same time I can synchronize and traces and A&E and check status of writed datas in MAX. This error occure only in Archive, but no errors in Get Database and Alarm&Event those I guess relate to the same system resourses. Moreover, I log errors in my application it was attached and I noticed that errors appeared within 15 minutes(sometime less) with period 1-4 minutes.
Database path: C:\Users\Public
So, why does this error occur while all datas successfully recieved?
About systems: Labview 2013, Proffesional development system on both PC
DSC Module 2013  on both PC
OS: Windows 7  on both PC

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Does the error occur at the same place in the program?

Does it ocucr every time this function is called?

Would network connectivitiy issues a possible cause of the problem (as in a breif break in the connection)?

Jeff L
National Instruments
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Hi, Jeff.

1)     The same place in the program, what is moreб that there is only one place in the program where I call this vi

2)     Randomly, sometimes It occurs all the time, sometimes two-five times.

3)      “ network connectivitiy issues “ what do you mean? I have local network with static ip-adresses


Further, if “breif break in the connection” occurs, how to built strong network without those breaks?


I`m not sure up to now, but I`ve tried to stop macafee service and quantity of errors reduced to 2-3 errors after reconnection. Maybe it is solution.

Other question, the size of database folder on PC which provides datas 90 MB after 10 hours of application running. However, the size of database folder which synchronizes databases more than 4 GB. The difference in files with .cdpg extention, there are 2000 files .cdpg on the PC which sync DBs, and only 10 on PC which provide datas. Moreover, after some time the amount of .cdpg files declines steadily, but the application wasn`t launched. I don`t understand the process of reducing those files, they are reduced on 12 files per minute. Does that process optimize .cdpg files in spite of running LabVIEW application or I have to stop program for optimization.


And the last question, sometimes I can`t access A&E neither from MAX nor programmatically. All that time I see message “Reading A&E failed”, although Alarms and Events doesn`t show any errors. So, what is the problem?
Thank you for cooperation.

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It sounds like your application works some of the time and then has problems the rest of the time. We can help verify that firewall and antivirus software isn't part of the problem by turning them off and checking the frequency of the error.



Has this application been running for a long time without problems and then these problems have shown up recently? These errors could be a indication that the database has grown to a point where performance limitations are causing the database to be unresponsive at times. Thus causing connection errors intermittently. 

Jeff L
National Instruments
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Is there a solution to this problem ? Encounter this error after a power trip. Thought the file ( was courrupted and reinstalled the DSC module. 

But still have the same error while trying to archive the database. No proble with the database as it still able to log and seen in the MAX.  The DB size is also quite small.

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OMG!!! I had experince with this issue and many others related to DSC and DB functions. Honestly, I dont remember that was the exact solution for this topic, but what I realised is the majority of problems while working with DB because of Windows Default security settings. First of all, put  your DBs to c:\users\public location, that is the most proper location to store DB. Then, check this article:
Won`t help, sick for articles about security and firewall configurations while working with DB or DSC .  

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