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Yet another "graph not showing data" post

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Hello all! I'm pretty new to LabVIEW but I am really enjoying learning the ins and outs of the application. This forum has been a huge help for me.


My issue is that the Build XY vi is not working: the program will run fine and when it comes time to plot the graph, the data doesn't show on the graph. I have double checked the line color/width, visible checkbox, plot enable, and I have tried the "clear data on each call" checkbox. Nothing has worked.

Additionally, I have a min/max scale vi that makes the x scale correct (this changes for a given dataset). I have noticed that when the plot should be generated, the scale automatically adjusts to the prescribed values. Could it be that the data is there but just out of the frame of the graph? Currently, I have the y-scale to be autoscaled because I haven't figured out a way to make that work for all ranges of data that I might get in y, so I don't think the data is off-frame.

I can't post the whole code, but here is a screenshot of the section of interest. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!!


Here are some threads that I have already checked:


EDIT: added the screenshot attachment


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@KevinTF wrote:

I can't post the whole code, but here is a screenshot of the section of interest. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

No screenshot...

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Did you try probing and highlight execution?

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Judging by all the Local Variables and the Flat Sequence, I think your graph not working is a symptom of a larger problem.


Post your actual VI not a picture



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So you have some data, of unknown (to us) type, you are doing "something" with it in a "picture" that we cannot easily duplicate (without tedious work on our part, and "guesses" along the way), and you are using Express VIs and those awful Dynamic Data Wires when there are perfectly good (and clear) LabVIEW functions and Graphs that we can more easily understand.


Here's a suggestion -- attach a real (or "simulated") data file, tell us about the data, what gets plotted against what, and let us try to create the plot (with explanations, if necessary) and help you learn how to "do it yourself".


Bob Schor

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Thanks for the recommendation! Ok so I just checked it and it looks like it's trying to plot a 1x1 array (x) with a 1x1001 array (y). I will investigate this further upstream and post my results.

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Accepted by topic author KevinTF

I will post the actual VI in the future.

That was the problem! I apparently changed the build array function to just make a 1x1 array of a single value. You all were such a huge help! Thank you again.

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