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Xcontrols: why, when and how should I use these (want to learn something new)


I am trying to expand my labview knowledge by reading this forum (nuggets): now I'm looking for some (smart) examples of how and when to use Xcontrols.

I know what they are, but have never used them, but maybe I should!


Any thoughts welcome

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Take a look in to this link

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XControls should be used when you have significant functionality that follows a control around.  The thermometer is one case.  Another example would be a units control with a custom option.  Normally, the control is a simple string selector.  When custom is selected, another control becomes visible to allow the user to enter a custom string.  Another example is filtering or modifying inputs.  If you have a string input, but you want to disallow certain sequences or modify certain sequences, encapsulating in a XControl makes sense.


XControls only make sense if you are creating something you will use multiple times.  It is a way to encapsulate functionality and create reusable components.

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