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XNET Wait (transmit complete) error -1074384886

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Hi all, 

I got this XNET error while trying to send a CAN message with NI 9860 and a dbc database.  Any pointer?  Thanks for your help.


Error -1074384886 occurred at XNET Wait (Transmit Complete).vi:371000

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The error says a timeout occurred and the default input is 10 seconds.  That means the write that you requested didn't get written in the 10 second limit you gave it.  The most likely reason for this is the fact that CAN doesn't go out, unless there is something else on the bus to acknowledge that the message went out.  If there is no other CAN transceiver on the bus that is wired, then you can't know your transmit went out, because no receiver said it got it.  If you're new to CAN you might want to checkout the first couple part of my CAN blog which covers some of this.

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Hi Hooovahh,

XNET rookie mistake.  I didn't set the 120 ohm termination setting for the module in LabVIEW so it caused the intermittent issue.  It's working now.

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