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Write to measurement file express vi

Hi all,


I have a pretty big acquisition system for hundred of channels (voltage, strain, displacement, load...) and I had to queue my data to be able to plot it and save it .

Everything works fine but since a very long test is coming (weeks acquiring 24h per day) I wanted to save data programatically. To do it simple I've changed my "saving line" from thisshort.JPG

which works perfect but you have to wait until the end of the test to obtain the data. To this:

express vi.JPG

where I can select when to cut a file, save it and close it.

My problem is that the second option does not work. It creates the file, the header but no data is saved in it and I cannot understand why, I select one header only, one time column, append data if the file exists. It seems the queue does not pass data to the express vi.But it does in the first example.

If anyone could help me with that.


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What was wrong with keeping what you had?  The Express VI makes things complicated (who knows how it is configured, it is often inefficient, too many options that make little sense).

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It was the easiest way I can think of to save data programatically. We are planning a very long test and I do not want to risk the data.

Since this has the option to cut the files: once it reached a determined size, or once each X time interval, it could be very useful for me.

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In case anybody faces the same problem, I just post it how I solved it (it works for me at least)



It saves data every Interval seconds and renames the new  file by appending the hour,min,sec in the file name.


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