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Wiring String Potentiometers with different power supplies to NI9207




I have an issue with wiring a number of sensors which require independent power supplies to a single 9207 card (I have 2 cards in total) and CompactDAQ combo. I have 12 sting pots (ASM POSIWIRE WS31-500-R1K), 1 inclinometer (Cline Labs Electronic Clinometer), 2 pressure transducers (ESI GS4200-0050AB), 4 load cells (RDP Amplifier Type S7DC).


The issue seems to be around requiring a single common throughout whilst require 24V and 10V supplies.


I am seeing ghosting of the an activated string pot on the other string pot signals.


Could anyone suggest an appropriate solution?





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Hi Kevlewins,


Could you please elaborate on the issue you are about your GND?

Have a look at the following and see if it might help:


In regards to your ghosting issue, please have a look at the following:


Kind regards,

Natan Biesmans

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