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Win Ce 5 Language setting

I'm working on a project using windows CE 5.0 Target. My problem is i want to change the fonts and language setting of the target programmably from labview can anybody help me how to do this i'm using Labview 2009 TPC.

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Have you tried Programmatically Changing the Font, Color, or Size of a Subset of Text in a String?


What do you mean you want to change the language settings of your target? Do you mean you want to change the language of the executable itself, or just the language of the text inside your executable? Could you further explain what you are trying to accomplish? Some screenshots would be helpful. 

Daniel REDS
RF Systems Engineer

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Hello REDS

Thanks for your reply.

The language of the target platform I'm using  is English I want to change it to Arabic language this require  changing  the  language identifier LCID , codepage and fonts of the target platform the target platform OS is Win CE 5.0 can I do it from  my program in Labview.

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You will have to access the Win32 API on Windows CE to do that. If Windows CE supports your desired language will be another thing to find out first. This OS is like 10 years old or so and I can't remember anymore how well it was in supporting multiple languages.

Rolf Kalbermatter
DEMO, TU Delft
My Blog
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