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Will CalExec Control Agilent E4428C?

Are there any users currently using any of the newer Agilent ESG Family Generators, in particular an E4428C, with the CalExec procedure for PXI-5610 instead of the E4422B or E4433B?  I can see in the Programming Manual for the E4428C that the unit is SCPI command compatible (or partially compatible) with the E44xxB series of generators. 
Thanks for the assistance!
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Hi Bench_Tech,

I was ondering what you were trying to find out from others who are using the newer Agilent ESG Family Generators. Is there anything specific you are looking to find out?
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Hi Rasheel,

I am interested if anyone has used the new ESG Generators (like the E4428C) with Calibration Exececutive calibration programs.  The Calibration Executive programs, for the 5610 in particular, call for the Agilent E4422B or the E4433B.  What I am wondering is if the E4428C will work (will be compatible) with the ESG Family Generator controls in Calibration Executive that were written for the E4422B and E4433B series generators.

What I would really like to know is if any Calibration labs have used or are currently using the E4428C generator with Calibration Executive.  Or if they have run into trouble with automating the generator(E4428C) in Calibration Executive.  I am looking for any information or experience that might be out there from Calibration Executive users or NI engineers that might help me in making a decision on which generator to purchase.  The E4433B ESG generators are discontinued (but still procurable), while the replacement (E4428C) is currently supported.  However, I do not want to spend the money buying a supported generator if it will not work with Calibration Executive because I am buying the generator to be controlled by Calibration Executive.


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Since this is the LabVIEW board, I'm not sure how quickly you will get your question answered here. There is no board for the cal exec but at the bottom of the page at, there is an email address. Have you tried that?
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Hello Dustin,
Calibration Executive is supported with the Agilent ESG Series. The question you have to keep in mind is whether or not the Agilent device in question meets the specifications of the calibration procedure. The E4422B and E4433B meet the required specifications and are thus recommended for the procedure.
With that in mind, I would make sure that the E4428C meets or is better than the specifications:
Frequency Range: 20 MHz to 2.8 GHz
Power Range: -30 dBm to +16 dBm
Phase Noise: < 95 dBc/Hz at 1KHz
Hope that helps!
Chris Behnke
Sr. RF Engineer
High Frequency Measurements
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