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When converting a tdms to excel file is making an error of not found



I am trying to convert a tdms file to an excel file, I found a VI for this on NI package but when trying to convert it it says that the location of the file is not found, so what I did to test if the directory was working was to place an indicator and run the code copy that direction and paste it in my file explorer and it did found the file that I need, as right now I have 3 input paths, but I am doing this just for testing the actual VI will be an automation. So from the two VI on the left those are to filter an array to just extract one part of the file location and the other path in the right side is the location of the folder so I convert both locations into strings combine them and then convert them into a file location so that the VI can read it but it does not found the file.

Here is the VI and a picture of the error that is giving me

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bad slash on @ 



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I tried with the forward or back slash but it does not affect I tried both combinations and it works perfectly, I used the TDMS read and open and it finds the document, so the problem is I think on the convert TDMS to Excel


I got it from here


I followed these steps but as I said that error remains


This is what I did to test that the problem is that I cant use the TDMS read because it does not read a 2D array


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what append when you run convert TDMS to excel sub vi? step by step



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What I am doing is filtering a 2D array from teststand into a 1D in rows, that 1D array goes into LabVIEW into this VI, and on this VI I have two inputs array one with the 1D row that I just got and the other one with the header. For testing I was placing a 1D array myself.

1.- I place the inputs header that is a 1D array and the other 1D array

2.- I pass these 2 arrays into a for loop to read both arrays and compare the header to a file the I need then if it match with the header it will pass the location of the other array that is a file location

3.-After the location is passed I combine the folder path with this file location with a concatenated string then convert this string to path and finally try to convert this tdms file into a excel file.


The problem is that when I run the VI it says that the location wasn't found so what I did to verify that I was on the right track, I placed an indicator after the concatenated string and copied that string into my file explorer and it did open my file, so the problem is on the convert tdms to excel. 


I found a way to read it using tdms streaming, so I am doing it this way, but if you can help me convert tdms to excel, that will be helpful. This is what I did to solve my problem




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Don't read a file at the same time, because the read pointer will be changed.

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