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What should I use for analysing E1 signal?



Could someone help me and advice me what HW should I have to build in LV a tool for E1 channel analysing? I need to build a simple tool to receive, send, pass though E1 (2Mbps) signal. My tool should have two E1 ports.


Many thanks in advance. 

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What I used was a card from GL Communications. LabVIEW drivers are available.
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Hmm, I thought about something what can I connect to my laptop. Do you know something like that?
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I take it you didn't even bother to check out the web site I provided? Here's a more specific link.
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Another company, and probably more cost effictive then GL, you can try is DSPG


They make a system which can be used to analyse E1/T1 PCM streams, it can be remotely controlled from a laptop.


Disclaimer: I used to work for the company, however have not really had any dealings with them in several years. When I was there they had a custom designed DSP card used to simulate/analyse a telephone network (introduce echo/delay etc) on PCM trunks. I wrote a whole bunch of LabVIEW test suites for the, they could probably customise something that would suit your needs.


If you need a contact at the company I could probably dig out an email address.


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I did, but I've seen two big PCI card. Sorry, and thanks again.


nrp, thanks for info 

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No, you did not look at the link if you missed the USB solution.

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Can E1 signal (2.048MHz) be interfaced with some  labview fpga module?

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