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Web Publishing Tools problem.

I am use LabView 8 to publish a vi to web browser by using web publishing tools. But problem is, when I want to preview the web browser, error occur. Actually is what problem? 


Notes: LabView 8, Firefox as default internet broeser.


Below is some pictures I post to show my problem meet.






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Hi there,


Your second screenshot shows a bad address in your Browser Access List.  Your IP Address needs to be in the format.




If I had to guess, I'd say that's where your error is.  

Patrick Allen:
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Thank You for your reply. 


You means is my IP address problem, is it?


So, I change that IP address, also same problem occur.


So, what problem occur actually? 

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I think the problem is with your Browser Access Settings. 


If you want to restrict access to only your computer, then you need to put that IP address in the Browser Address and select to allow Viewing and or Controlling.  If you want to publish your VI so that anyone on your network can see it, just put a wildcard in.  ( Wildcard is the "*" )  I'm including a screenshot of the default configuration that allows access to any browser.  


Screenshot of Webserver Config 

Also, you don't show a screen shot of which VIs you have selected to be "Visible".  You need to either specifiy the VIs you want, or use a wildcard.   
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Patrick Allen:
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I already change to wildcard, also cannot. 


And friend, sorry, what meaning your final sentence? I can't understand what are you said.  

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You need to make sure you're allowing access to the VIs that you have placed in the server directory. 



By default, mine had a wildcard.  Meaning that any VIs in my root would accessable if I was running the server.  


You also might be running into problems with firewalls etc.   What is the configuration you're trying to test at the moment?  Two computers on the same LAN network?  


Make sure you can ping the your host computer from the PC you're trying browse the VI from.  

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Patrick Allen:
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Now I have two computers on the same LAN network, my computer is server computer, then another computer is client computer. 


Now my planning is want make a web browser to allow the user at client computer can access my program at his computer.


Is this planning can working at "web publishing tools"? 

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Refer to "Web Publishing Tools problem" at this forum, got people said that IE is default web browser, so I change my default browser from Firefox to IE6. Same problem olso accur. 


Now i guess, is it " domain_not_set.invalid " problem?


If is "domain_not_set.invalid" problem, how I settle this problem since I not so expert at networking system?




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Your default browser in Windows can be Internet Explorer.  I can also be (highly suggested) Firefox or many others.  I was just testing with Firefox yesterday afternoon, so I know it works.


I'm not sure what URL your browser is pointing to there.  I can only guess that it was some kind of re-direct.  


My own use of Web Publishing has been extremely limited.  So I'm going to give you some links that can probably explain things better than I could.  


Developing Remote Front Panel LabVIEW Applications


Remote Panels in LabVIEW -- Distributed Application Development


Taking Your Measurements to the Web with LabVIEW


Getting Started with the G Web Server (LabVIEW Internet Toolkit)


Publishing Your Data Over The Web





Patrick Allen:
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