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Waveform comparison

Hello All,
I need to compare two waveforms resulting after the surge test of coils....the first waveform I am acquiring and the other one I am reading from file ..... I need to compare their frequency of the waveform but I am just intersted in the width which is marked by arrow in attached can I do this in LabVIEW.
 And Could anybody suggest me how to compare the two waveforms with respect to their frequency their Y values and RMS ......I tried it using their Y value comaprison by making an array of the Y values of waveforms and comapring them in 5% Error range but not got correct results also  I am not able to write the waveform file which I am acquiring by using Write Waveform VI...Please suggest some hints.
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It sounds like you're ok getting your frequency information.  As far as detecting your width, you can program the functionality you're looking for - basically you'll be analyzing your array of data looking for the charateristics you want, however the pulse measurements VI may be useful (see the waveform measurements palette).  For writing your measurements file, what error are you receiving?  You should be able to do this quite easily - attached is an example to help you get started (it generates sine data, and then writes to and reads from a file named test.lvm to your C drive, by default).
I hope this helps!
Best Regards,
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